Paradigmata Media is building a vibrant network for media professionals

Freelance Journalism

Your brand, your identity

Paradigmata Media is building a vibrant network for media professionals who care about the world and making it better  through their craft, their stories, and their ideas. Connecting ideas together and increases their value, as well. Freelance Journalism is not for everybody, but it’s open to everybody. It encourages participation and a diversity of opinion. Anyone can earn influence on Freelance Journalism via the value of their ideas, thoughtfulness of their responses, or quality of their rhetoric.

Freelance Journalism is a Amsterdam-based private group for journalists, writers, editors, reporters, copywriters, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, media professionals and media executives with peers around the globe, dedicated to the highest standards in journalism. We promotes and defends the freedom to be informed and to inform others throughout the world united in the belief that freedom of expression is “the right that protects all other rights,”

Great stories deserve a great audience so stay tuned and join thousands of creators soon at Freelance Journalism




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